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Welcome to Kids Giving to Kids!

Last minute check-list

  • Shop? Check out the wish list we emailed you for gift ideas!
  • Wrap? Have a fun family experience wrapping the gifts for your adopted child(ren).
  • Label? Remember to clearly label the gifts for the child – first and last name AND the child’s family number. 
  • Need directions? Event locations, maps and parking information.
  • Set Expectations? It’s important to set appropriate expectations for your children for the event. 
  • Know what time you’re arriving? Please arrive 15 minutes early to check-in to the event and to meet your child(ren) at the top of the hour.

Questions?  Call or email us at 720.515.5692 or northpole@santaselvesdenver.org

We’re about teaching our children how to give back and make a difference in their own community. We want to inspire our kids to experience giving today and become life-long givers tomorrow. After elves experience giving, they’re never the same. And neither are the children they helped.

When you help a child help others, you’re creating a better world. Science tells us that giving makes us happier, from toddler on up. Also, kids who volunteer do better in school and are less likely to use drugs, according to studies. Plus, it builds confidence and self-worth in the right way, by showing kids that their actions matter.

Kids who want to be elves choose a child or children to help through our website. We email you their wish lists so you and your elves can go shopping. Then, elves give the presents to the children they chose face-to-face during an amazing event on December 12 at one of three locations in Denver. (You get to choose the time and place.)

The children we help live in the Sun Valley neighbourhood, the poorest and most neglected area in the state. 78% of people there live below the poverty line. The average household income is $5,164 per year. We work with the Denver Housing Authority to identify the children most in need. We also serve the communities of: Westridge, Westwood, North Lincoln, Quigg Newton, Platte Valley, South Lowell and Columbine.

Be an elf with us and hundreds of other Colorado families. Last year, our elves gave thousands of gifts to 1,200 children in the Denver projects. This year, our goal is to help 2,000 underserved children.

How it Works

We work with the Denver Housing Authority and the neighborhoods they serve to help connect families who want to meet and hand-deliver gifts with over 1,300 children.

Select a Child to Help

Click on "Sign Up to Give Presents" and choose your experience - Event Giving or Delivery; then choose a child to help. You then receive an email with wish list and detailed instructions.

Get Ready

Take your kids shopping to select gifts, wrap them, and get ready for the event on December 12th, 2015.

Meet the Family

Your kids deliver the gifts on December 12th at one of our events or via the Home Delivery option.

About Santa's Elves

Being an elf is fun! (click here for testimonials) It's a chance to learn, make new friends and create wonderful memories.

Want to get your business, school or group involved? You can be elves too! Click here for more about Workplace Giving.

For more about the 501c3 non profit Santa's Elves – Kids Giving to Kids, see About Us.