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In Denver, dozens of students this fall will start school with a lunch of graham crackers and milk. That’s not a lot of food to fuel learning and kill the hunger pains. But their parents have fallen behind on their school lunch fees and are in debt.

A lunch for a student K-5 is $1.85. A meal for a student in grades 6-8 is $2.10 and a lunch for kids in 9-12 grade is $2.60.

The debt follows the students from grade to grade, district to district, until graduation.  As of June 1, 2017, the school lunch debt owed by Denver students is $11,000, according to Denver Public Schools.

That’s why KidsGiving365, a nonprofit in the Denver Metro Area, has started a GoFundMe campaign to wipe out the debt.

This month, parents and kids across Colorado will come up with creative ideas like selling lemonade, to raise money to help Denver kids pay off their school debt!  At the end of June, we’ll let everyone know the results.