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‘Twas the Night Before Christmas in Denver (Read by Santa Claus)

‘Twas the week before Christmas,
with so much to do.
Children needed gifts,
and their parents were blue.

Times had been tough,
and jobs hard to find.
Parents had nothing to give,
But the Children didn’t mind

I looked around for help,
and what did I see?
Children like you
becoming elf helpers for me!

My new helper elves each picked a child.
“We’ll buy them toys and make them smile!”
Then they wrapped the presents
with ribbons in style.

The elves arrived with the gifts
at the gathering center,
where inside, children hoped
the holiday would get better.

When what did their wondering
eyes should appear,
you and the other elves
bearing gifts so dear!

The children opened the presents
to find clothes, shoes and toys!
Barbies, skateboards and games
For all girls and boys

Children hopped on new bikes,
others played with cars.
Teens danced to music,
parents smiled from afar.

All of the sudden,
the elves heard a clatter!
They turned to look —
what was the matter?

More elves had joined in
from all across the state.
My belly shook as I laughed,
“You’ve made Christmas great!”

The elves watched in awe
at this thing they had done.
They’d brought Christmas joy
to those who’d had none.

I said placing a finger aside my nose.
“You’ve discovered the real spirit of Christmas,
and the feeling will grow.”

I told them, “The more you share,
the better you’ll feel.
and the more that you give,
the more love becomes real.”

Visions of sugarplums
now dance in their heads,
as they fall asleep happy
Christmas eve in their beds.

Now children all over
are becoming my elves.
They are thinking of others,
instead of themselves.

And what about the children
with nothing under their trees?
Their lives have been changed
By the gifts they received.

So, elves, thank you for helping
make this Christmas turn out right.
Hope to see you next year
and to all…a good night.

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