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We’re creating the next generation of givers by getting kids involved today with community service and charitable giving. In our programs, kids meet and help those in need. The personal interaction teaches children their actions matter and they can make a difference.

The Denver Dream Center strives to reconnect people who have been isolated by poverty, substance abuse, gangs, imprisonment, homelessness, abuse and neglect to God and to a community of support to meet their physical and spiritual needs. Also, we help them develop a support system that will encourage them to make positive, long-term, God-honoring changes.  Visit The Denver Dream Center for more information.



Founded, Delivered door-to-door
Hosted event at Rude Recreation Center

  • 20 Giving Families
  • 75 Resident Kids


Key Partners Joining: Rosalinda’s Mexican Cafe, Tom Payn of Subway

  • 46 Giving Families
  • 162 Resident Kids


Key Partners Joining: Denver Nuggets, Kroenke Sports, Usborne Books & Timbuk Toys, DRG Construction, Team Five Stones MX. 501c3 Status

  • 98 Giving Families
  • 350 Resident Kids


Key Partners Joining: Wonder Dough, Kohls, Target, Denver Citywide Sports, Batteries+Bulbs, Miss Colorado, Gold Shield Photography, The Rootes Foundation.

Key Milestones: 25 Home delivery families, 1 Event

  • 170 Giving Families
  • 1,167 Resident Kids


Key Partners Joining: CROCS shoes, Steven Wiles of Batteries + Bulbs, Maura Fallon-Schmitz of Keystat Marketing, Heidi Ganahl of Moms Fight Back & Camp Bow Wow, The Matthew Compton Hand Bell Band, Confluence Ministries Band

Key Milestones: 35 Home delivery families, 2 Events

  • 250 Giving Families
  • 1,305 Resident Kids


Key Partners Joining: National Charity League, Tech Advisory Group, Teletech Community Foundation, Travel Kiddy, Sandy Puc Photography, KOOL 105 Radio

Key Milestones: 3 Simultaneous Events, 50 Home Deliveries;

  • 473 Giving Families
  • 2,000 Resident Kids


Key Milestones to-date: Back to School Pilot, Formed an Advisory Board

  • 671 Giving Families
  • 2,574 Resident Kids


Merged with The Denver Dream Center. The DDC commits to holding Santa’s Elves programs.

  • 661 Giving Families
  • 2,487 Resident Kids


Denver Dream Center holds first Santa’s Elves event at Coors Field.

  • 530 Giving Families
  • 4,009 Resident Kids

Meet the moms who started the Santa’s Elves program by watching The Story of Santa’s Elves, then read more about us below.

Santa’s Elves began in 2010 when Deborah Sherman, then Chief Investigative Reporter at 9NEWS, was trying to teach her 4-year-old son Jack to be generous and grateful. She wanted to get him involved in volunteering, but no charities would allow young children.

So Deborah and moms Jennifer Ramirez and Stella Castro decided to create a volunteer organization for children, which they called Santa’s Elves – Kids Giving to Kids.

The parents wanted their kids to help other children in Colorado. After some research, they discovered the poorest and most neglected about-us2area of the state with the highest youth population was right there in Denver. People there earn, on average, $10,000 a year.

That Christmas day in 2010, Deborah, Jack and a dozen other parents with their kids drove to the housing projects and gave gifts to 75 children.


The original Elves

Their parents welcomed the elves with thanks and tears. The kids screamed with delight. And Jack? The smile on his face was as wide as the boy getting the gift.

Every year since, Santa’s Elves has grown. Today, nearly 1,000 families across the state call themselves Elves and give presents to some 2,600 children living below the poverty line. It’s been a win-win for all of the kids involved. In fact, some families who accepted gifts in the past are today giving presents as Elves in the program.

In 2016, the nonprofit created new events to give children an opportunity to serve year-round. That’s why it changed its name toKidsGiving365. Santa’s Elves remains the flagship event around the holidays.

The Denver Dream Center Team

In 2017, KidsGiving365 merged with The Denver Dream Center (DDC) to make the Santa’s Elves program even more extraordinary.  Today, givers and residents are matched through the website. When givers go to the site, they can choose the child or children they want to help and then make an appointment to meet those kids face-to-face and hug-to-hug during the event.  The DDC works closely with the Denver Housing Authority and the Rude Recreation Center to determine the children most in need.


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