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Press Release – Denver, CO

Santa’s Elves – Kids giving to Kids goes viral Donors from around the world give to needy kids in Colorado

This Christmas Eve day, about one hundred parents and their child ‘elves’ will be hand-delivering more than 1,000 gifts to children living in the poorest neighborhood in Colorado called Sun Valley. Read Denver Post Story about Sun Valley.

The donors are taking part in the Santa’s Elves – Kids Giving to Kids event. They will meet at 9:00 a.m. at the Rude Recreation Center at 2855 West Holden Place in Denver on Christmas Eve day. After some hot chocolate and holiday music, the families will head out to hand-deliver gifts to the kids in the area.

Santa’s Elves – Kids Giving to Kids was created two years ago after some moms wanted to teach their children about the value of giving instead of receiving at Christmas. As other parents have learned about the event, they’ve gotten involved too. It’s an experience—and a lesson–for the kids who we call “elves.”

“We never in our wildest dreams imagined that we’d be helping out so many kids who otherwise wouldn’t have gifts this year,” Stella Castro said, a Denver mom of two young elves. “My girls talk about this all year long. They talk about what it felt like, how the kids reacted when they opened their gifts and about doing it again next year.”

The group worked with the Rude Recreation Center and the Denver Housing Authority to choose the neediest children in the area. Then, the group matched those kids with people who wanted to give, using their website www.santaselvesdenver.org. The group does not accept money donations.

THIS YEAR, PEOPLE ‘ADOPTED’ KIDS IN RECORD TIME. All of the less fortunate kids in the Sun Valley area will be getting a gift this year.

This year, people from across Colorado, California, Switzerland and even the Philipines have signed up to give presents to the children. More than 80 families will be helping some 115 families or about 350 kids from infants to 16-year-olds. Several people went all out ‘adopted’ dozens of kids at a time. DRG Construction in Denver took on more than 30 children and will make their Christmas incredible. The bookstore, USBorne Books spontaneously jumped in and is giving $3,500 worth of toy books, activity books and other books. The company, “Be Good To People” donated T-shirts for volunteers and big donors. Rosa Linda’s Mexican Café is making sure that everyone has something to eat before they head out to deliver.