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Kids Giving Year-Round

Creating the Next Generation of Givers
This nonprofit creates places, spaces, and ideas for kids to become involved in community service, volunteering and giving year-round. It’s where kids learn their actions matter and that they can make a difference. It’s also where they can learn how good it feels to give back and be local heroes.

We started Santa’s Elves because we wanted our kids to be smart, strong, kind and generous. We want them to have compassion and lend a hand to others when they grow up, just like our parents taught us to do.

The idea of Santa’s Elves has taken taken off because there’s nothing else like it in Colorado or around the country. We all want to teach children how to be kind and compassionate. With one small act together, we can create a ripple effect that can wash over our planet. Together, we can pay it forward and create the next generation of givers. We can create a better future for our kids, our grandkids, for other nonprofits, charities and volunteer organizations, because our kids today will grow up with huge hearts.

Please join us. Get your kids involved in our Santa’s Elves event or let us know what you’re doing in your hometown so that others can be inspired.  Want more ideas? Visit to The Denver Dream Center.

Colorado Elves in Action

Aurora boy travels to Africa to care for orphans and women

Aurora – Ten-year-old Maasai Keith Allen has a heart as big as the world. This year, he traveled with his grandfather Keith Andrews to the historically acclaimed city of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia in Africa to interact, assist and care for the orphans throughout the region. Click on the photo to read more!

Students toilet paper their school…for a great cause!

What a thrill! Heritage Elementary students got to cover their library in toilet paper and didn’t get suspended. That’s because their class collected the most toiletries, like toothbrushes, deodorant and, of course, toilet paper, to help those who can’t afford them in Douglas County. (Click to read more.)

She’s only 8. But this little girl has mastered the art of being happy.

You might say 8-year-old Lillie is wise beyond her years. She devotes a good majority of her time thinking about what other people need, and then taking action to help them. “I give because I want to make other people feel happy no matter where they live or who they are. It makes me feel happy too that I can help them,” she said.

CO kid photographs wildlife, sells cards to help animals

When Kayla was 12, she decided to use her photography skills to make the world a better place. She started taking pictures of animals like marmots, squirrels and mountain goats, then turned them into beautiful note cards that she sells on her website Cards4Caring.com. The cards have allowed Kayla to donate thousands of dollars to the Wild Animal Sanctuary.

Girl forgoes birthday presents to help kids in need

Katie Colleran is only 12-years old, and she’s already inspired more than a hundred others to take action, through KidsGiving365.
“I’ve learned that this is what Santa is really all about, not just
 a guy in a red suit. We can all be Santa.”
Click here to read more about Katie’s incredible journey in giving.

Mountain Vista High School students collect shoes for needy teens

December 2016 – Jack Nelson and other members of the National Honor Society at Mountain Vista High School in Highlands Ranch raised money to collect 168 new shoes for other students living in poverty in Denver. The students gave out the shoes to needy kids on December 10, 2016 at the KidsGiving365 holiday event, Santa’s Elves. Thank you Honor Society!!! You made a difference for 168 teens!

Kids fill 100 bags with supplies for the Denver homeless

Lead Elf Jack, his cousins and grandparents filled 100 bags of supplies for the homeless, to deliver them around the holiday. They stuffed bags with bottles of water, toothbrushes and toothpaste, and granola bars, among other supplies. The cousins plan to hand them out to the homeless they find on the street during November and December of 2016.

Karina’s hot cocoa and cookie stand

November 2015 - Here is Karina’s hot cocoa and cookie stand to raise money to buy toys and shoes for the holidays. She raised $300 and adopted a family at the Santa’s Elves Holiday...

Elves Raise Money for the World Wildlife Foundation

Maya & Savannah sold handmade loom bracelets and hair accessories in their school’s Fall Festival. They raised close to $500 and donated the proceeds to the World Wildlife Foundation to help save endangered...

Our Volunteers Wrap Presents

November 2014 – Our volunteers helped to organize and wrap presents. That year, we distributed holiday gifts to about 1,500...

Local Castle Rock Kids

October 2014 – Local Castle Rock kids handed out flyers at the Castle Rock Trick or Treat Street to spread the word about our December giving...

Luz’s Lemonade Stand

Luz Catalina and her friend held a Lemonade Stand in Highlands Ranch over the summer.  These Elves raised $31 as a donation for the Santa’s Elves...

Kids Around the Country in Action

Young Pedro used his coin collection to make snack bags for people on the street in San Francisco (Dec. 13, 2016). Pedro bought snacks, water and made sandwiches, plus included a positive note and lots of love in each bag. Now, he’s working with other kids to make more!

Instead of gifts, the boy asked people to donate money for shelter animals
People showed up to his birthday party with bags of pet food, treats and dog and cat toys. There was also a cash donation totaling $225
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Fifth graders learn sign language to communicate with deaf classmate
By giving up recess every Wednesday, students learn and practice sign language skills to help their friend with cochlear implants
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Texas teens surprise teacher with a birthday cake
Teacher mentioned to his class that he hadn’t had a birthday cake in 10 years and thought nothing of it. The class pooled together money to surprise him with decorations, a cake and presents
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Flint, Michigan had water problems, so 7-year-old boy wanted to help
Isiah launched a GoFundMe campaign to raise $500 for 20 cases of hand sanitizer for every classroom at Eisenhower Elementary. $10,000 was then donated to supply every classroom at every elementary school in Flint
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8-year-old uses her make-a-wish to pick up trash
Amelia was diagnosed with brain cancer and wanted to clean up huge amounts of trash in Kansas City community.
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College student saves money to help his grandparents
Stefun saved $15,000 to pay off his grandparents mortgage while attending college, working a full time job and running two non-profits
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10-year-old boy gave $20 to a solider and wins the Young Hero Award
His dad died in the line of duty serving in the military and instead of buying a new video game, the boy gave the $20 he found on the ground to a man in uniform
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Boy gives his bar mitzvah toys to burn victims
13-year-old asked guests of his birthday to bring toys for a girl who was recently burned. After receiving more than 150, extra were given to a pediatric burn unit
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Group of students shave their heads to support a girl with cancer returning to school
9-year-old girl’s best friend shaved her head to show support and then her gesture inspired 80 students, teachers, principals, and a student’s mom to do the same
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Marching band gives surprise performance
After a member of the band misses their final performance due to a kidney transplant, band members went to her house to play for her
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5th grader buys lunch for his teachers before going to middle school
After saving money for seven months, Cody creates invitation for 7 teachers to join him for a paid meal
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12-year-old boy sews teddy bears for children in the hospital
After not being able to afford Christmas gifts for children, he made teddy bears instead, averaging one bear a day for the last two years
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Boy delivers 100 pizzas to flood victims
“Pie-ing” it forward, with the help of other volunteers, 363 pizzas total were donated to displaced residents in Louisiana
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4-year-old girl dreams of taking a cop to lunch for her birthday
Officer Gross, Clarksburg, West Virginia, joined her for lunch
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8-year-old boy leaves a cooler with cold Gatorade and water for mailman
On the hottest day of summer, the boy and his mother left a surprise for his favorite mailman
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9-year-old girl uses money to buy lunch for Detroit cops after the Dallas shooting
After buying sandwiches, chips, fruit and a cookie, she bagged lunches for the police officers
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11-year-old girl makes lemonade to sell and donated proceeds to saving bees
Won $60,000 from Shark Tank for her business, “Me & the Bees”
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Boy spends own money on books for a prison
Donated over 100 books and wants to start donating hygiene products
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12-year-old opens food pantry to feed elderly people
Donates to more than 1,000 people every month and was given a $20,000 donation from Tyson Foods to help her
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9-year-old makes shoulder bags for homeless people
She fills the bags with toiletry items and takes them to homeless women in her California neighborhood
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Two brothers make lunches for the homeless
Created “The Helping Lunchbox” to feed homeless people in New Orleans
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Girls raise money to build wells by selling origami
The sisters are co-presidents of Paper for Water and with the help of volunteers have raised over $650,000
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Teen girl gives back SUV won in a raffle
14-year-old girl spends summer saving money to buy raffle tickets from Joseph’s House, wins the raffle, and gives the car back for them to use how they deem fit.
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Boy donates smoke detectors to families in need
9-years-old, now 11, 6,425 smoke detectors donated.
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