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Home delivery runs today through December 15, 2019

‘Home Delivery’ means you can deliver the gifts to the child’s home between the day you register through December 15, 2019.  (Deliveries after that date will be allowed if you and the receiving family agree to it.)

When you register for home delivery, we’ll show you a list of children to choose from whose parents are willing to welcome you into their home while you deliver the presents. We call this our Extreme Giving Experience because you get to meet everyone in the family and see where the children live.

After you register for home delivery, we will email you the child(ren’s) wish lists, email, phone number and address. Then, it’s up to you to contact their parents as soon as possible to make an appointment to deliver the gifts to their home.

Here’s what Elves in the home delivery program said say about the experience:

“We just delivered our gifts to the Venant family at their home!  We are so thankful to have joined in with your organization this year. They are a wonderful family, and this was the start of a great friendship!” – The Burge Family

“This program was truly a joy to participate in!”  The Carter Family

“We delivered our gifts tonight. It was a great experience and the family was so sweet. The kids really liked their gifts and our family was so glad to be part of making their Christmas a little brighter.” – The Daigle Family

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