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My journey with KidsGiving365 began when my friends and I started a lemonade stand and we were trying to decide where to donate the funds we raised. We searched various local causes. One of my mom’s friends suggested looking into KidsGiving365, and I’m glad we did! I knew I wanted to see the recipient’s faces when they saw the gifts we brought them. KidsGiving365 holds face-to-face giving programs, and I wanted to help!

I’m inspired to give back because of certain people in my life. My Fifth-grade teacher, Mrs. Smith, inspired me to want to give to people who don’t have as much. She finds many ways to give back to the community and I thought I could too. My mom also volunteers for Food for Thought and I plan to start helping during my school breaks.

My birthday is right around Thanksgiving. I had a big birthday party, and instead of asking for presents, I asked family and friends to bring toys for the families we adopted through KidsGiving365. After my party, I went door to door and told my neighbors that I was collecting for kids who don’t get presents for Christmas. I think I got about $100 doing that, and we used the money to buy groceries for each family. We bought jackets and dresses with money from neighbors as well. We asked people to donate gift cards and some of our friends brought them over in addition to the toys.

Not long after my birthday party, I told my class at school about how I asked for presents for families in need, instead of for myself at my party. At that time in school, we were working on a Shark Tank project. We sold products from our groups and all the money went toward a donation center. My teacher decided to adopt a family with our class! It didn’t stop there! My brother’s scout troop got involved when my mom told them what we were doing, and how my class was going to adopt another family. The scout leader loved it and he decided that the troop should join in the spirit and adopt a family from troop 469 as well. After that year, they decided they wanted to do it again and now it has been decided that it will be an annual thing for the troop. This year they helped two families and one of them had five kids!

It makes me happy to help these families in need and to be involved in my community. Now I go in to help wrap all the gifts before the extreme delivery program with KidsGiving365. This is the program where we can deliver gifts directly to each family in their home!

I am inspired to give back again. I can see how many people need help and how many don’t end up getting any help. I’ll keep helping as much as I can. It makes me happy to bring these kids Christmas.