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Carson Boutte-ABC

Instead of cake and presents to celebrate his 9th birthday, Carson Boutte was inspired in a dream he had to ask for something rather unconventional of his parents: spending his gift money on pizzas for flood victims..

After a few phone calls to Dominos, the boy’s parents Ross and Lanie bought 100 pies for the displaced Louisiana residents.

They also made a post on Facebook asking if friends or family members wanted to contribute any additional pizzas in Carson’s honor.

That’s when people really started pie-ing it forward.

The social media plea spread like wildfire until dozens more orders for delivery started flooding the Dominos phone lines.

Inspired by the slew of compassion, the Italian eatery offered to match Carson’s 100 pizzas with their own.

363 pies were donated in total and several neighboring families even lent a hand delivering the gifts to the evacuees.

“For a 9-year-old to even think to help people…it’s amazing,” flood victim Lacey Viator told ABC13. “It’s just so humbling especially in today’s time. You don’t see children that young who have such a big giving heart and that says a lot for Carson.”