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Aurora – Ten-year-old Maasai Keith Allen has a heart as big as the world. This year, he traveled with his grandfather Keith Andrews to the historically acclaimed city of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia in Africa to interact, assist and care for the orphans throughout the region. He visited children in a women’s prison and orphanages throughout the outskirts of Addis Ababa. He raised over $1500 to support the projects to support the children.

During  his 12-day journey, Maasai had an open and willing heart and he made friends in his travel throughout Ethiopia. His journaling and pictures tell a part of the story of orphans the world over; their need for friendship, people who really see them and willing to commit to their well-being.

“All too often orphans are thrust upon this earth in vulnerable conditions throughout their lives. They are in such a for need the love, care and support that none of us can live without,” said his grandmother Sheila Andrews.

Maasai’s grandmother says he learned about the plight of others in Ethiopia by doing research first on the internet.